I love Reflexology!
Jane Bradley, Certified Reflexologist
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About Jane Bradley

Jane Bradley studied Foot Reflexology at the Laura Norman Reflexology Center in NYC, and received certification in 1999.

She served four years as Director for Reflexology Association of America, 
a national non-profit organization that promotes the scientific and 
professional advancement of Reflexology.

What Clients Say:

“I have been a regular client of Jane’s for many years and I consider
each Reflexology session part of my wellness practice. I highly
recommend it and I guarantee once you start, you’ll go back for more!” 

– Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Career and Professional Development Coach

“After Jane’s Reflexology session, I feel as relaxed and peaceful as if I’d received a full body massage." 
– Richard Farrell, Artist

“Jane’s hands make my feet forgive me.” 
– Sheryl Nelson, Calligrapher

“I was unprepared for the marvelous personal benefits of Jane’s foot sessions. My energy level increased, leading to greater daily accomplishments, and leading to higher self-esteem. Now I am the dedicated client.”
– Safia Gray, Computer Programmer

“This is marvelous. I’m sorry I only have two feet.”  
– Ken Hayes, Retired Businessman

"Jane’s technique sends me to a zone I’ve never visited before.” 
– James Furino, Writer
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